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A UK-wide day of environmental protest

A UK-wide day of environmental protest

Andn Tune and well-coordinated, many environmental groups went to strategic locations from the north to the south of the United Kingdom this Saturday to demand an end to the use of fossil fuels and a big fight against energy poverty.

Members of Just Stop Oil, Don’t Pay UK and Fuel Poverty Action have set up shop in various parts of the country. Like the British Museum and luxury boutique HarrodsIn London or Scottish Power’s headquarters in GlasgowIn Scotland.

For example, in the British capital, elements of Just Stop Oil – a group responsible for other media protests such as occupying a section of the M25 motorway or actions in art museums – installed themselves on couches and sofas in a Harrods store. Selling luxury goods. However, the protest did not last long and the demonstrators were removed from the building Assisted by 20 security guardsAccording to Sky News.

About four kilometers away, another group of protesters also occupied the entrance to the British Museum, alleging business links with British oil giant BP.

In Scotland, at the same time, many demonstrators came to the ‘foyer’ of Scottish Power in Glasgow, where they marked their position. Sleeping bags, water bottles and enough groceries Stay there for some time.

According to Sky News, protests took place at shopping centers in Stratford, Manchester, Liverpool, Brighton and Bristol, as well as at a branch of Barclays Bank in Hastings.

These environmental groups have called for the British government to urgently address the energy crisis and the rising cost of living in the UK, with a plan called Energy for All. “Universal and Free”allowed “Meeting People’s Energy Needs”🇧🇷

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They suggest that the project will be funded through completion “All the public money subsidizes fossil fuels, an unexpectedly high tax on energy companies and high tariffs on domestic energy use” are used on luxury goods.🇧🇷

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