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A UFO has washed up on an Australian beach, and the space agency is raising suspicions

A UFO has washed up on an Australian beach, and the space agency is raising suspicions

A UFO appears on an Australian beach, and the space agency flags suspicions (Image: cloning/Australian Space Agency)

A large, mysterious cylindrical metal object has washed up on a remote beach near Jurien Bay in Western Australia. ABC News reports that residents found the piece, of unknown origin, this weekend.

According to local residents, the cylinder is estimated to be between 2.5 and 3 meters long and 2.5 meters wide. I discovered a woman and her partner [o cilindro] float to the water’s edge and pull him out with their four-wheel-drive vehicle,” said one of the residents. According to the vehicle, the area has been quarantined for security reasons since residents reported the body on Green Head Beach, about 250 kilometers north of Perth, and gathered around it.

And the police stated in a statement on Monday (17) that the case is under investigation and warned of the dangers of the object, as its source is not known. “The object is being treated as dangerous until its source can be determined. People in the area should maintain a safe distance.”announced.

Aviation expert Geoffrey Thomas told the BBC the object could be a fuel tank from a missile that fell into the ocean sometime last year. The Australian Space Agency believes it came from an alien space launch.

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In a statement on social media, the agency warned the community: “The object may come from a foreign space launch vehicle and we are in contact with global partners who can provide more information.”The agency announced in a statement on social media. “Because the origin of the object is unknown, the community should avoid dealing with it or attempting to transfer it.”reinforced.