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A tiger rips off a wizard and attacks two others on a safari in Japan

The animal was outside the barn where it should have been, and was not killed after the attack; The site is temporarily closed

Javier Torres/AFPThe safari workers were taken to the hospital (illustration image)

One Tiger A 10-year-old man attacked a nanny, causing her to lose one hand, and two other professionals on a safari near Tokyo, number Japan. The local Kyodo news agency reported that the animal, which is about two meters long and weighs 150 kilograms, was outside its enclosure at Nassau Safari Park in Tochigi Prefecture. The park worker said rangers found him in a driveway leading to a viewing area and tried to do so. The professional who lost her hand is 20 years old and was taken to hospital by helicopter; Another woman was bitten several times and a man was injured in the back of the head – they were also taken to the emergency room. The tiger was not killed, it just returned to where it should have been. Safari is temporarily closed. “The tiger isn’t bad, so I’d like to discuss future viewing while I look at the state of the tiger,” a park spokesperson said at a press conference.

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