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A third WhatsApp “dash” is coming;  What is it anyway?

A third WhatsApp “dash” is coming; What is it anyway?

New WhatsApp features, such as hidden view, have attracted users. It’s increasingly possible to customize privacy preferences in the app, for example: Confirm that a message was delivered or read – an option commonly known as “View” or “Two Dashes”.

Although many people have adopted anonymous mode on WhatsApp to maintain their privacy, there are still many users who have left these preview features enabled. For them, like everyone else, a new feature is on the way.

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A new “dash” of WhatsApp is about to be launched

A few years ago, there was a rumor that a third “dash” of WhatsApp would be added, but as we know, nothing has been released yet.

However, the latest update of the popular messaging application will, yes, bring additional confirmation to users regarding the messages sent.

This new attribute will let users know if their message has been sent print. correct! The feature popularly known as printing press is diminutive of print screen Which in English means “screen capture”.

That is, with this new update it will be possible to know if someone has taken a screenshot of the messages in the conversation. This feature is already in another app of Meta, the company responsible for WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram.

On Instagram, for example, there is an indication whether “single view” images are printed, in order to protect the safety of users.

WhatsApp itself has, in recent updates, added the ability to send ‘single view’ images. However, unlike Instagram, WhatsApp does not allow users to take it Publications from these photos.

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Therefore, it seems that the WhatsApp team is increasingly focused on the security and transparency of its users. As of now, the update does not have a date of arrival in Brazil. But as it turns out, it won’t take long!