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A teacher was killed in London on her way to a pub |  Globalism

A teacher was killed in London on her way to a pub | Globalism

A British teacher was found dead last week on her way to meet a friend at a bar near her home when she was said to have been attacked, police said. United kingdom This Thursday (23).

Sabina VThe 28-year-old left his home in the south of the English capital around 8:30 p.m. last Friday (17). She needed to cross a public park, a short 5-minute ride, to reach the bar where a friend was waiting for her.

Nyssa did not make it to the inn, and a visitor in the park found her body the next day.

Trevor Lowery, the investigator in charge of the investigations, said in a video that the teacher appeared to have been approached by a person – who was not identified – and “morally attacked”.

According to the investigator, a man was arrested and eventually released. British police are requesting that any information that may assist in resolving the case be submitted to the authorities.

“We’re still working on several lines of investigation,” Lowry said.

The case was presented by the British press as a femicide. But the investigator said the capital’s streets were “safe for women”.

“I want to make sure that all people can walk freely and without fear,” he said.

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