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A teacher in the United States played tricks and discovered that no student had read the class plan

SAO PAULO, SP (FOLHAPRESS) – A university professor in Tennessee, USA, decided at the beginning of each semester to check whether his students were actually studying the program of classes he was offering.

Kenyan Wilson, of the Department of Art at the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga, put the following message in the middle of his final semester music class program: “First Claims; Cabinet 147, Admission 15, 25, 35 “.

The clue would have taken students to a $ 50 bill. But when the semester was over, the professor opened the locker and saw that the money was still there. None of the students received the message.

“No one reads the show,” Wilson said in an interview with CNN after telling the story in a Facebook post in early December.

“For example, accepting the terms and conditions when installing software. Everyone clicks [no campo que diz] He studied when no one really did. “

There were 71 students in the class. The program usually does not change greatly, but due to the Govt-19 epidemic and safety protocols, some points have changed, the professor said. “On the first day of class, I told them some things had changed and I recommend reading the program.”

On the shelf, Wilson left the $ 50 bill and said, “Congratulations! Please leave your name and date, I know who found you. I also waited for the final exam to check the locker.

“I was optimistic and would be happy if any of my students found this conversation [a nota] In the first week, ”he told CNN.

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Student, student played better. Haley Decker, who recently graduated from college and has been a student at Wilson for the past three years, said the test was “hilarious.”

“This class generally has the same design for each semester, so students already know what to expect and do not waste time studying the program,” he said. Her classmates also thought it was a clever move by that naughty teacher.

“It was a brilliant experiment. It taught music students to read the syllabus carefully, despite repeated repetitions,” Decker said.

Wilson’s post sparked a backlash from his students, but not only that – it also provided ideas to other professors across the country.

“Maybe in the spring of 2022 [início das aulas nos EUA, outono no hemisfério sul] Have a well-read classroom all the time, ”the teacher joked.