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A strange elliptical cell phone that hits the target and reaches the second generation |  cell phone

A strange elliptical cell phone that hits the target and reaches the second generation | cell phone

Small company Dtoor has launched a crowdfunding campaign to try and launch the Cyrcle Phone 2.0 oval cell phone. The unusual device has an oval shape and a round screen because according to the description on the official website of Kickstarter, it’s a “non-rectangular” smartphone for non-rectangular people – whatever that means.

how to project in crowdfunding, the cell phone needs to have access to minimal assembly to get out of paper, which is what actually happened in this case. Officials had expected 10,000 US dollars, or about 55,000 Brazilian reais at the current dollar rate, but they had reached the level of 13,705 US dollars (75,377.50 Brazilian reais) so far, with 17 hours left before the deadline. At launch, the device should sell for $699 in North America, which is roughly R$3,838.

Cyrcle 2.0 has a 3.5″ screen – Photo: Dtoor Disclosure

This is the second generation of A The device was launched in 2020 Also via Kickstarter. There are a few changes, the most important of which is the presence of a file Android 10 instead of Android 9; RAM, which jumped from 2 GB to 3 GB; And storage, which increased from 16 GB to 32 GB.

The other components of the Cyrcle Phone 2.0 datasheet follow the same as it also offers 4G connectivity, two headphone jacks, and a screen resolution of 800 x 800. However, the screen size varied quite a bit: from 3.5 inches in diagonal to 3.45 inches, nothing noticeable to the human eye.

Cyrcle Phone 2.0 smartphone takes 13MP selfies – Photo: Press release / Dtoor

As highlighted by the specialized portal GSMArena, an exotic smartphone may have problems running applications and games designed for Android, since they all have a rectangular design, which is the most common among devices. The user may encounter particular difficulty when trying to click the command buttons located in the corners.

with information from Kickstarter NS GSMArena

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