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A special series from Journal Da Record showing how climate change is affecting the planet – Prisma

A special series from Journal Da Record showing how climate change is affecting the planet – Prisma

Correspondent Leandro Stolyar, in the United States, during the recording of the Extremos do Clima series for the newspaper Jornal da Record
Record disclosure

Starting Monday (4), the new special series from Journal da Record, Climate Extremes, will show how climate change is affecting the lives of humans and other organisms on the planet.

This work, with reporting by Leandro Stolyar and photographs by Roberto Bergamini and Paolo Giovanni, is part of a co-production project with the US Government’s International Journalism Center.

The Jornal da Record team was selected in a global competition that brought together media from several countries, including 4 competitors from Brazil.

There were 10 days in the United States, and the presenter’s report visited the NASA center in Washington, where scientists build rockets and satellites to observe the planet.

Also check out the areas affected by wildfires in California, the Grand Canyon, the largest canyon in the world, which includes the Colorado River, one of the most important rivers in the country, which suffers from drought.

Climate Extremes will also have sequels in Brazil, dealing with the effects of climate change and initiatives to minimize problems.

In Espiritu Santo, for example, the series highlights one of the largest remaining reserves in the Atlantic Forest, where scientists are developing projects to protect the forest and species such as the jaguar, the largest cat in the Americas.

And in Rio de Janeiro, the highlight is the partnership with NASA, which monitors flood and landslide risks. In the state of Minas, in the semi-arid region, rural communities suffer from water shortages and dry rivers.

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In the city of Glaucilandia, the river that used to flow has dried up and become a road. Local residents have set up a water reuse system to preserve farms and avoid waste.

The series will also tell how the people of Rio Grande do Sul, who suffered from a devastating hurricane, and the measures to fight forest fires in the Pantanal region.