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A shark bites a man and lives after kicking an animal

A shark bites a man and lives after kicking an animal

American Jared Trainor, 31, survived a shark attack yesterday while surfing in Centerville Beach, located in Humboldt County, Northern California, in the United States. According to The Times-Standard, the surfer was only able to escape after kicking the animal in the head.

According to the Daily Mail, when biting Jared’s board, the shark injured his right leg, leaving him seriously injured. He was alone at the time of the attack.

According to the British press, after the bite, Trainor was dragged under water by a shark that began to “chew” his right leg. The boy told local media that he managed to free himself by grabbing the shark’s carcass with one hand and kicking it with its intact leg until the animal released it and swam away.

The shark bite injured the surfer’s right leg and thigh. The cuts, according to the Times-Standard, were 19 inches (about 48 centimeters) long – the length of the jaws of a great white shark – and had to be closed with staples.

Trainor miraculously reached the beach, calling for help on the cell phone of one of his fellow surfers.

Haley Martineau, Trainor’s sister, created “Cat” to help raise money for her brother’s medical expenses. “He has multiple injuries to his thigh but is lucky to be alive,” she wrote.

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