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A salary allowance of up to 1212 BRL is released for another group

A salary allowance of up to 1212 BRL is released for another group

The payment of the PIS (Social Integration Program) salary allowance of up to R$1,212, base year 2020, begins on Thursday (17) for private sector workers born in April. Public servants with a Pasep (Public Personnel Asset Creation Program) registration number ending 2 or 3 receive today as well. (See the full calendar below)

Allowance deposits started last Tuesday (8) for workers in the private sector born in january. Since then, the February birthdays From Marchin addition to all those who live in the areas of Bahia and Minas Gerais affected by torrential rains, since then to this group There was no distinction by month of birth.

The payment calendar runs until March 31, in the case of PIS, and until March 24, in Pasep. For both groups, the maximum date for drawing the allowance is December 29, 2022.

Transfers are made by Caixa Econômica Federal (private initiative) and Banco do Brasil (public servants).

Who is eligible for the allowance?

All workers in the private sector and public employees who earned the minimum monthly wage (2,424 BRL), on average, in 2020, are entitled to the allowance.

In the case of private sector workers, specifically, it is also necessary to work on an official contract for at least 30 days in 2020.

All citizens still need to have their data properly reported by their employer to the government.

To confirm whether or not they are eligible for the allowance in 2022, workers can access the channels of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (Carteira de Trabalho Digital app, official website or phone 158). On mobile, only:

  • Open the application and click “Enter”;
  • Enter your CPF number and click Continue;
  • Enter your password and click “Enter”. In this case, it is the password that is used to access the gov.br portals. If you have not already registered, you can register immediately;
  • Click on “Salary Allowance” and then “Learn More”.
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What is the benefit amount?

The amount of the allowance is proportional to the period during which the worker worked under an official contract in 2020. Each month of work is equivalent to a benefit of R$101.

Therefore, in order to find out how much they will receive, it is enough for the worker to multiply the number of months in which he received an official contract in 2020 by 101 Brazilian reals. Periods equal to or greater than 15 days are considered a full month.

The maximum benefit, which equates to 12 months of employment, is the minimum wage (1,212 R$).

The exact amount, according to Caixa, can be consulted on the Caixa Tem app or by calling 0800-726-0207 (Caixa ao Cidadão service). If you choose to use your cell phone, the operator must:

  • Open the Caixa Tem app and enter your CPF number and password to login. If this is your first access, you will need to register;
  • Click “I am not a robot”;
  • Open the list of available services and click on “Salary Allowance”. There, it is possible to refer to the values ​​and even transfer any existing balances.

Public servants can check the values ​​in the ‘Consult your passip’ option, On the Bank of Brazil websiteor contact the service center by phone 4004-0001 or 0800729 0001.