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A sack under Murray is spreading fast and Kyrgios shares a mocking meme |  sport shoes

A sack under Murray is spreading fast and Kyrgios shares a mocking meme | sport shoes

The match between Andy Murray and Carlos Alcaraz marked an unprecedented move in the British career. At the beginning of the second group, the former world number one Submit a submission right below and close the matchWhich leads to the delirium of the audience. The move, which had already sparked many discussions in the middle of tennis, this time was seen as a tactic, much to the chagrin of Australian Nick Kyrgios, who is one of those using this type of service and has already suffered many criticisms and even boos when he did so.

Andy Murray pulls out from under at Indian Wells – Photo: clone

In his Instagram stories, Kyrgios, from He finished the season early and won’t be back until 2022and recently He got involved in an argument with his girlfriend that involved police intervention, Repost a post where the difference in transaction for the same bid is mocked. In the photo, it is possible to see an image defining the “cool” transmission under Murray, and right next to it, calling Kyrios “stupid” while shining in the same motion.

It is worth noting that Kyrgios, one of the people who used the move the most alongside Kazakh Alexander Bublik, was already booed when he did so at the ATP 500 in Acapulco in 2019, in a duel against Rafael Nadal. The Australian watched the audience stand against him throughout the match, winning and eventually provoked, receiving criticism from the Spaniard for his behaviour.

Kyrgios shares a sarcastic meme on his Instagram – Photo: clone

The main topic under discussion is the attitude when performing the service. While Kyrgios uses it in a way that the press and tennis fans know is “dirty and disrespectful” – the Australian defends himself and says it’s not off-limits, which is true – Murray revealed and tactically explained why he was serving in this way for the first time in his career.

– He started pulling away for the first serve, the pitches were really slow here, I didn’t get a lot of easy points with my first serve, I had 3 aces in the whole match, and one of them was with the under serve. I was thinking of using it again in the third set, but I didn’t. This was the first time I’ve done this in a match and given an ace, so maybe I’ll try again in the future against opponents who are also late in the second leg – select Briton.

Regardless of opinions, one of Kyrgios’ arguments is the fact that they criticize him for simply not liking him. In Indian Wells, Murray defined deceptive action as “intelligent play”.

See below Murray’s bid in victory over Carlos Alcaraz, in a match valid for the second round of the Masters 1000 in Indian Wells, California.

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