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Cachorro cheirando fatia de bolo e em coleira com policial

A puppy is rescued from a stray animal shelter and becomes a police dog

More than 50 years later, the US Police Department in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, has welcomed the company’s first police dog: the Belgian Arrow.

Arrow’s story begins as a puppy, and she lives in a homeless shelter in New Jersey. One of the shelter employees, Debbie Pucci, noticed that Arrow was very intelligent and active, which made it difficult for her to adopt.

“He was very, very energetic and needed more education. He needed to learn self-control, which is why he ended up staying here. [no abrigo] “For a long time,” Debbie told Burlington County, New Jersey.

So Bucci decided to post the case on Facebook, and asked for help from rescue groups that could train Arrow. So found Angela Connor, co-founder of Rescue 22, an NGO that trains guide dogs for veterans with disabilities.

Initially, Angela told the Burlington County Times that she was unsure of her ability to coach Arrow. However, he has noted the dog’s skills that would be ideal for police work.

Photo: Burlington County, New Jersey

in service

After three months of extensive training, Arrow was hired by the Bucks Police Department. The patrol has not worked with sniffer dogs since the 1960s.

In addition, Arrow also acquired a new home, with police officer Kyle Hesley. “The stock is with me 24 hours a day. We’re best friends, we’re partners and we do everything together. The department is so happy… He’s been an amazing employee of the department,” Kyle celebrated.

Recently, Arrow returned to the shelter where she lived for several months, and was reunited with Debbie, who was very emotional. “I’m really proud of him, but we still have a lot of animals, so let’s keep going. Hopefully everyone has a happy ending, like Arrow did.”

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