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Excesso de informações pode causar de insônia a crises de ansiedade

A professional who teaches how to deal with the feeling of mental fatigue – lifestyle

Amidst a persistent scenario of doubt that has lasted for more than a year, it is not uncommon to hear complaints about fatigue, stress and sadness, whose effects on mental health lead to physical and psychological stress, undermining mood and productivity.

For psychiatrist Marco Abboud, the excess information ends up filling our minds in a way that creates a whirlwind of reflexes that in some cases leads to an emotional lack of control.

There is still no consensus that classifies the so-called “thought acceleration” as a disorder, even because of the need for more robust scientific studies that point more clearly to the causes and consequences of this condition, but in reality it is difficult to stop the expert says, “Thinking has harmful effects on our health the public”.

“For example, there may be an increase in heart rate, feeling tired, shortness of breath, headache and even other physical signs appearing in the eyes, such as excessive hair loss,” he explains.

Changing habits

Channel founder Mind health On YouTube with more than 1.5 million subscribers, Abboud says that there are ways to control this specific type of anxiety and that with medical support, it is possible to start identifying the triggers responsible for triggering the problem and learning how to stop its progress.

He notes that simple situations, such as avoiding using cell phones during meals and near bedtime, can actually cause a positive change in mental state.

Above all, the key is to remember that before any further urgency, self-respect must prevail.

“It’s impossible to leave the agenda behind and forget about commitments. There is no harm in doing one thing at a time, and even though the to-do list seems full of urgency, remember to assess your true priorities and organize them in a logical order before you start doing it all. Be sure to set boundaries: Short breaks help to “recharge the batteries” and you need to set an agenda that limits work hours – even when you are at the home office – ensuring that moments of rest are preserved, “Marco Abboud concludes.

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Five tips to slow down thoughts


This addiction to staying in touch leads to an endless cycle of redundant information arriving over countless digital communication channels. This excess causes the mind to remain in a state of high alert at all times. The remedy for this is: focus on what you are doing and drop the phone when it is not necessary for that particular activity.

Organize your to-do list

Pandemic and all adapt to it Home office Bring the feeling that there is no time to take care of work and housework. After all, it is essential to participate in virtual meetings, produce what is necessary to run smoothly, cook meals (and wash dishes), and help children with their tasks …

But in most cases, it is entirely possible to handle all of this without giving up moments of relaxation and rest. You alone have the power to set boundaries. Think and create an agenda, only then will it be possible to focus on what needs to be done without letting despair take over.

Take breaks

How about spending time eating lunch with your favorite songs? Or maybe you are trying to sit at the table at the same time with the people who live with you and take the time to talk a little about the topics that everyone matters to?

It is also helpful to wake up in the middle of the afternoon to have a cup of coffee or eat fruit away from the computer. These relaxing moments help the brain to relax before returning to its maximum level of productivity.

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Get some recreational activity

When we move around, the brain releases hormones like endorphins, serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin, which cause a feeling of relaxation and thus help control stress levels. It is worth walking, dancing and practicing the most diverse sports.
But that’s not all: playing an instrument, painting, cooking, reading or incorporating any other work into your routine that helps you please and relieve stress.

Seek professional help

When trying to sort out thoughts becomes a cause of despair, it is time to seek support. Even in the face of this more than a year of uncertainties we still face, it is common to feel overwhelmed and not know how to address the volume of data and the tasks and concerns that insist on flying around.

Professional medical consultations will contribute to the process of finding your balance and provide you with the tools to deal with these difficulties in the best way.