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A portrait of Boris Johnson, who is attending a party for the 2nd time, is scratched in the middle of Lockdown, UK.

New British media revelations further complicate the security of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who attended a second dinner in May 2020 after being locked up by the Govt-19 epidemic.

According to the latest information from the local media, Martin Reynolds, the chairman of the Prime Minister’s Personal Secretary, has sent an email inviting more than 100 people to the event.

The report, which received authorization to send it from Johnson himself, told everyone else to “bring their own drink” as it would be a “distant drink” among participants, mostly cabinet staff. Johnson and his wife, Gary, both attended the event.

Following the revelations, the British government issued a statement on May 20 apologizing “unreservedly” for the inconvenience caused by the party in Downing Street Garden.

However, dissatisfaction with Johnson continues to grow, as it is the second time that members of government have hosted a banquet in England’s lockdown – meaning people can leave their homes only for legitimate reasons.

Another event, already publicized at Christmas 2020, provoked criticism of the Prime Minister for avoiding the rules imposed by his own government to control the spread of Govt-19.

The London Metropolitan Police are investigating the case and allegations of violations of health rules.

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