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A portion of Garoto chocolates in the glass was sent to SC;  See what to do if you buy

A portion of Garoto chocolates in the glass was sent to SC; See what to do if you buy

Chocolate lovers doubled down on their interest in the product this week, after two sets of Garoto chocolates received Marketing to contain shards of glass is prohibited. A portion of the chocolates were sent to Santa Catarina.

Lots of chocolate bars being collected – Photo: Anvisa / Disclosure

according to Anvisa (National Health Surveillance Agency), documentation provided by the brand indicates that most of the products have not been marketed. However, some of them were distributed in Santa Catarina and Espírito Santo.

The chocolate was recalled because, according to Garotto, there was a problem with one of the equipment, posing the risk of products containing glass shards that could cause injuries when ingested by consumers. Check the affected lots:

Lot 225212941G: Garoto Milk Chocolate With Cashew Nuts, 80gm Tablet, Expiry Date 09/09/2023

225312941G group: Milk Chocolate With Cashew Nuts And Raisins, Garotto Brand, 80gm Tablet, Expiry Date 09/09/2023

What do you do if you buy chocolate with a problem?

If you have bought Garoto brand milk chocolate, in a tablet of 80g, with the flavors “Castanhas de Caju” or “Castanhas de Caju e Uvas Raisins”, the first step is to check the batch of the product.

Two batches of Garoto chocolates were collected & # 8211;  Photo: Anvisa/DisclosureTwo batches of Garoto chocolate collected – Photo: Anvisa / Disclosure

If it is, in fact, one of the compromised batches, Anvisa directs the consumer to keep the packaging and contact the customer service boy for exchange or refund.

The service is available at 0800 055 95 50, Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, excluding holidays, or by e-mail to [email protected]