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A police officer is investigating the grabbing of a FEMEN activist by her breasts at a protest in Spain

A police officer is investigating the grabbing of a FEMEN activist by her breasts at a protest in Spain

The FEMEN activist has been harassed by the police

Photo: playback / twitter

A police officer in Madrid, Spain is being investigated for grabbing a member of the group at the breasts. woman while arresting the woman. The case occurred on November 20, 2022, when three activists were protesting a rally in honor of dictator Francisco Franco. During the demonstration, the women took off their coats and left their bodies exposed.

The police arrested the demonstrators after a few seconds. At the time of the arrest, a policeman grabbed one of them from behind and pressed the woman’s breasts with both hands, as a photographer snapped, according to the complaint investigated by the Madrid court. The policeman was summoned to testify next Thursday, April 20, of committing a crime of sexual assault.

Andica Zulueta, the group’s lawyer, explained to the newspaper: “It is the first time in the history of FEMEN Spain that an activist has denounced a police officer for sexual assault while in custody.” El Pais. “Until that day, they had never been abused during arrests in the multiple acts they did, most recently at the gates of the Senate.” The group accuses the police officer of abuse of power.

Greetings to the dictator

On November 20, 2022, Franco’s groups gather in Plaza de Oriente, Madrid, in honor of Francisco Franco, who died on that day, in 1975. The demonstration has been going on for years. But last year, FEMEN activists staged a protest in denial of the dictator.

According to the complaint, the “symbolic and peaceful” act was “screaming”. [a proclamação] “For fascism, neither honor nor glory,” and since it is a sign of the identity of this group, they use the body, showing their claims.

The three women were released after the police identified them. Days later, the woman who had been harassed by the policeman filed a complaint against the agent. The Madrid Court of Instruction accepted the complaint for processing only on January 19, 2023.

After that, the judge summoned those involved to demonstrate. Next Wednesday, the 19th, the activist and photographer who captured the moment will be interrogated, and on Thursday the 20th, with the client.

Source: EditoraTerra

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