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A patient with terminal cancer undergoes a treatment created by the Brazilian and recovers completely from the disease – the scientist

A patient with terminal cancer undergoes a treatment created by the Brazilian and recovers completely from the disease – the scientist

After performing a Innovative treatment Created by a Brazilian physician, patient Scott Miller has had a complete remission of a End-stage prostate cancer. The disease even spread to the bones, gallbladder, and other organs. information from CNN Brazil.

The clinical case was presented by Brazilian physician and researcher Marc Abreu, this Wednesday (26), at the Thermal Medicine Society’s 38th Annual Conference, in San Diego, US.

At the time, it was detailed that Miller had received Diagnosis of cancer in the fourth stage In July 2021, when he was 66 years old. However, for six months, he was treated with MTB technologywhich leads to brain induction of heat shock proteins by increasing temperature in a controlled manner.

Decreased heat shock protein expression is associated with cancer, neurological diseases, and aging. For cancer treatment, in addition to changing the thermodynamic load, we use different frequencies during induction in order to act on different areas.”

Mark Abreu

Brazilian physician and researcher

This type of protein is found in almost all living organisms. The researcher added, “The method is the same that we use to treat neurological diseases, but the recipe is different.”

The doctor graduated from the Federal University of São Paulo (Unifesp), specializing in brain thermodynamics and thermoregulatory frequencies.

Mountain biking used to be called the cerebral heat tunnel It was developed by him at Yale Universityin the United States of America.

Six months of treatment

The patient underwent five inductions in six months. During this period, he did not undergo additional treatment such as radiotherapy or chemotherapy, and he did not feel There are no side effects.

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In the first induction, I actually felt something different. With that, I moved temporarily from Los Angeles to Miami, where the BTT Medical Institute is located, to continue treatment. After treatment, my radiologist reviewed my scans and told me it was unbelievable as if I had never had cancer,” said Scott Miller.

After the cancer’s remission, Miller will continue to be monitored every six months at the BTT Medical Institute, and he’ll undergo batteries of tests for three years.

“The very important point is that with this treatment, Not only do we eliminate cancer, we also eliminate its source. We have the elimination of cancer stem cells and the neutralization of signaling molecules, which are the molecules that trigger cancer development and later recurrence,” added Mark Abreu.