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A patient reported the abandonment of an elderly couple at the Regional Health Center - Dirito das Rois

A patient reported the abandonment of an elderly couple at the Regional Health Center – Dirito das Rois

An elderly woman is deserted in a health unit in Bairro Cobhavilla (Photo: Dirito das Roas)

Tinsmith Pablo Robert Pereira, 46, a patient hospitalized with an elderly couple at CRS (Centro Regional De health ) from Bairro Coophavila II, sought to Campo Grande news This Thursday (30), to denounce the abandonment of the family suffered by the elderly.

According to him, the 75-year-old woman and her 76-year-old husband were left in the unit in May, and since then, they have been completely helpless because of their children. Pablo comments, “The niece who is responsible for getting the pension goes there every day, she leaves the lunch box and leaves, she only comes to serve lunch, then she disappears.”

The man also says that he decided to report the case only because he was affected by the elderly man’s “cry for help”. “After they got there, they were quickly released, but the family didn’t want to take them home,” he says. “I just sent them to you, because he asked me to help cry.”

The report contacted Sisao (municipal secretariat Public Health) which confirmed the neglect of children and family members towards the elderly. Through the consultation, the General Secretariat says that due to attempts to contact officials without return, it was necessary to summon the public authority to take appropriate action.

“In fact, they had been in the unit since May, had been in a clinical emergency, were discharged but stayed there. After their release, they said they had nowhere to go, the administration tried to contact family members and it didn’t work. After a long time in the unit, they said they had nowhere to go. The situation ended up being referred to the Public Prosecution Office and the Public Defender’s office, the old man escaped and entered the regional hospital with a spontaneous request, and the woman must stay there until we find a place to fight her.

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