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A pasta-like object has been found on Mars

A pasta-like object has been found on Mars

NASA: Pasta-like object found on Mars (url: https://www.nasa.gov/sites/default/files/styles/full_width_feature/public/thumbnails/image/pia19808-main_tight_crop-monday.jpg)

  • The body was found by NASA astronomical Perseverance.

  • Most likely it is in fact part of NASA’s space junk;

  • The space junk would have been a relic of perseverance reaching Mars.

NASA’s Persevering spacecraft has discovered something particularly strange while crossing the surface Mars A rolled-up of unidentified, rope-like substance, almost resembling a swirl of pasta.

Sadly, while we might not be surprised to learn that extraterrestrial life also enjoys delicious linguine, ramen, or any other pasta-centric meal, it’s likely that this oddity is actually a bit of NASA space junk left over from the probe’s arrival on Earth. 2021

This isn’t the first time Percy (the nickname Perseverance) has come across NASA junk on the pristine planet. Last month, the rover discovered what is believed to be a piece of thermal blanket — previously connected to a rocket-powered jet beam that helped the probe land on the dusty surface of our cosmic neighbor last year — hidden in a rocky fence. from landing. place.

Percy With your pet rock still in the clouds, is busy collecting a variety of precious specimens from the Jezero Crater, a fascinating region of the Red Planet that contains what is believed to be an ancient river delta. Scientists hope that rocky material extracted from the crater will provide clues to whether Mars harbored microbial life.

NASA sticks to the line that samples should return to Earth by 2033, but this return trip — which itself caused a great deal of drama — is still logistically far away. Meanwhile, the rover will continue to communicate with Earth with images.

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