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A new FGTS withdrawal is available to a group of workers;  understand

A new FGTS withdrawal is available to a group of workers; understand

Caixa Econômica Federal is responsible for carrying out FGTS retirement anniversary transfers. The deposit will be made according to the account balance.

You are NSWorkers born in October can now withdraw money from FGTS birthday pull (Guarantee fund for service time). Deposits were made from the 1st of October for those who joined the method before the start of the transfers. The interested party has three months to withdraw the funds.

The Christmas Withdrawal method was created as a way for the worker to gain additional income, without having to withdraw the entire FGTS. The deposit is made by Caixa Econômica Federal and is the only way a worker does not have to comply with the withdrawal laws of the FGTS, such as being fired without a just cause.

Christmas loot sums

The amount of money deposited in the Christmas withdrawal varies according to the balance of the worker in his/her account. FGTS created a percentage by total resources. Check out how much each person can withdraw from:

  • Up to R$500.00: 50.0%;
  • R$500.01 to R$1,000.00: 40.0%;
  • From 1,000.01 reais to 5,000.00 reais: 30.0%;
  • From R$ 5,000.01 to R$ 10,000: 20.0%;
  • From R$10,000.01 to R$15,000: 15.0%;
  • R$ 15,000.01 to R$ 20,000: 10.0%;
  • Above 20000.01 Brazilian Real: 5.0%.

In addition to the percentage, workers with accounts over R$1,000.01 are entitled to an additional amount, according to the withdrawal birthday rules.

How to request a birthday draw

The worker can request the date of birth to be withdrawn online. To join the method, see the instructions below:

  • Download the FGTS app Download (Android where iOS);
  • Then login to your account (login and password). If you don’t have an account, create a new one for free.
  • Then press “My FGTS”;
  • go to the option “Christmas withdrawal”;
  • A page with the birthday withdrawal terms and conditions will open. Read the terms carefully;
  • If you agree, press OK;
  • After that, click on “Join Cashout-Birthday”;

Once this is done, in the month of your birthday, Caixa will deposit a birthday FGTS draw each year, according to the amounts listed. It is indicated that those who join the method in turn, She will have no rights To the full amount of the FGTS in the event of dismissal for good cause.

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