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A new change in Nubank shocked and surprised the Brazilians

A new change in Nubank shocked and surprised the Brazilians

According to official information from nubankThe Ultravioleta Credit Card Annual Fee Waiver Rules have been updated.

Nubank points out that the customer may be waived the monthly fee for the Nubank Ultravioleta Credit Card, if he uses at least R$5,000 per month on the card, or even if he invests at least R$50,000. The minimum amount previously invested is R$150,000.

Change the minimum invested amount for Nubank Ultraviolet fee waiver

According to Nubank’s official disclosure, the amount of R$50,000 can be invested between Nubank and NuInvest. In this way, the client may be exempted from the annuity of R$49 per month.

According to the official fintech information, if a customer has purchases in installments on an Ultravioleta credit card, the installment amount to be paid on each invoice will be the same amount added to the spending limit for that particular month.

Advantages of Nobanek Ultraviolet

Nubank Ultravioleta customers can get some benefits through the cashback program, since according to the financial technology, customers can use the cashback on credit card purchases as they wish. In addition, if you do not use the cashback amount, this amount can result in up to 200% of your CDI.

In addition to the benefits offered directly by Nubank, the customer can receive the benefits of the Mastercard Black brand. Therefore, the Ultravioleta Nubank Credit Card is a premium card that has many advantages, as well as an ultra-modern design.

Innovation and security

According to Nubank, the Ultravioleta card has no numbers and carries the only important information for a customer, which is their name.

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Because the card number and expiry date, as well as all other information, are safe inside the fintech app.

Moreover, the Ultravioleta credit card is made of metal, therefore it has a heavier material and a darker violet color, which shows the difference between the financial product offered by Nubank.

Therefore, Nobank affirms its commitment to continuous innovation to offer benefits to customers through cashback programs and its in-app services.

A viable option within a planned process

In this way, it is possible to analyze Nubank’s Ultravioleta credit card as a viable option in a range financial planning youths.

It is worth noting that the application must be submitted directly in the Nubank application, and it is necessary to review the credit analysis of the institution.