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A man who had long lived with Covid in England died

A man who had long lived with Covid in England died

MStaying in the UK for a long time with Govt-19 is a mistake. As stated in it Sky NewsJason Kelk, 49, decided to stop treatment after a 14-month struggle in which he was admitted to the intensive care unit of St James’ Hospital in Leeds.

The woman broke the news to reporters. Although she begged him not to give up, Jason admitted that he was tired of fighting and that Sue considered it a “very brave decision”.

From there came the farewells and visits of grandchildren, nephews, the boss and some close friends.

This Friday, doctors removed the ventilator and Jason died within 90 minutes, surrounded by his family.

“He held one hand with his mother, another father. Sister and I were there. It was relaxing, ”Sue said, adding that when she said goodbye, she could leave with her husband.

“You fought to the last, you don’t have to fight anymore … we’re here, we love you,” Sue would have said before Jason left.

Later, Sue spent an hour with her husband. “It simply came to our notice then. He was my soul mate. We were opposite sides of the same coin, different but united, ”the woman explained, moving on.

Remember that in March 2020 Jason was victimized. In a short time he was admitted to the hospital, and remains so to this day. At the end of April, Britain was still discharged, but his health deteriorated, forcing him to return to the hospital in early May.

If he survives, Jason will need a ventilator and 24-hour maintenance.

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