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A man was arrested after the police found 183 animals in his refrigerator |  Globalism

A man was arrested after the police found 183 animals in his refrigerator | Globalism

Reproduction 04/16/2022

Michael Patrick Torland has been arrested after the bodies of 183 animals were found in his freezer

Arizona State Police have arrested a man after finding 183 animals, including dogs, cats, and birds, in his refrigerator. Michael Patrick Torland, 43, admitted to freezing some of them while they were still alive. The case was filed in Mojave County and Torland received 94 counts of animal cruelty.

“The images taken at the scene were so disgusting. Heartbreaking. As an animal lover, I just cried looking at them,” local police spokeswoman Anita Mortensinella told the BBC, adding that the photos were so cruel. to be published publicly.

Police found frozen dogs, turtles, lizards, birds, snakes, mice, rats and rabbits after receiving a tip-off from a woman who delivered snakes to Torland for mating. He disappeared after a few months and she was unable to recover the animals.

The woman told police that her landlord called her after Torland and his wife left their Golden Valley home. According to her, when the owner went to clean the apartment, a refrigerator full of dead animals was found in the garage, including snakes that had been delivered months earlier.

Last Wednesday, police received a tip-off that Torland had returned home and had been arrested. Investigators are now investigating what could have motivated the atrocities and are looking for Torland’s wife, Brooklyn Beck.

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