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A man makes a giant power bank by charging 5,000 cell phones |  cell

A man makes a giant power bank by charging 5,000 cell phones | cell

the charging toolA battery powered device that allows you to recharge other devices, ideal for keeping cell phones powered on all day long. Frustrated to own a smaller capacity device than his friends, video presenter Handy Geng ended up creating the world’s largest power bank. The invention can charge 5000 smartphones with 3000 mAh batteries – the estimated capacity of iPhone 13for example.

Dubbed a “super mega power bank” — something like a “super mega power bank” — the accessory replaces 900 full-size chargers. Its power is absurd 27 million mA. For comparison, he has an excellent power bank nowadays 20,000 mAh.

Handy Geng portable super charger (not so) – Photo: Playback / Handy Geng

That way, the Chinese could charge from laptops to the electric bikes on the device, as well as power TVs and washing machines in a remote location, he explained in a video.

In ‘do-it-yourself’ style, the video shows Handy Geng building his invention from scratch, from installing a powerful Bosch battery (like the one in a car) to finishing in the style of a design ipod nano. The accessory is equipped with just a few switches and no fewer than 60 ports, so you won’t miss the opportunity to charge multiple devices simultaneously.

Handy Geng managed to prove the success of his invention, and he made no secret of how difficult it was to transport his “portable” charger. A giant power bank that measures 1.80 m in length, 1.20 m in width and 30 cm in height. To move the device around the city, Geng had to build a wheeled base and use a rope to pull it.

Watch the full video of Handy Geng

with information from handy jing e Kotaku

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