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A man loses 21 million Brazilian riyals, a fortune he won in the lottery!

A man loses 21 million Brazilian riyals, a fortune he won in the lottery!

Imagine winning real fortune in the lottery by the stroke of fate. what would you do? Obviously, there are some procedures that need to be adopted in order to get an egg or investments, right?

mistake. A man named John Roberts hit the jackpot when he won £3.5 million (about R$21.7 million) in 1998. However, some circumstances made him You lose all your wealth Earned in the lottery game.

Today, at age 55, Roberts is telling more about the story, as well as saying what he regrets most when he remembers losing every penny of that sum. It also reveals what it feels like to deal with this story every day.

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The Scotsman ended up bankrupt due to reckless spending

When he saw the huge amount on his account, Roberts reported that he immediately wanted to move into a mansion with his partner, buy expensive cars and invest in the business.

However, the lack of understanding made him fall into a real trap. Swearing to be a partner in a pub, pubs common in England and Scotland, the guy started a partnership with some acquaintances. However, it was not until much later that he discovered that he had nothing to his name and that he had been deceived.

After taking a hit from his friends, John Roberts starts wanted by the justice because he broke the law several times with his expensive cars. The boy’s many fines and offenses while racing powerful cars also played a role in the loss of his fortune.

And as if that wasn’t enough, with all this happening due to two court orders, his wife filed for divorce and took part of his fortune. Since then, Roberts has only accumulated more problems, as he begins to lose everything and has to take refuge in a hotel to sleep, racking up R$249,000 in debt.

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Delays in rent, non-payment of taxes and similar situations ended the man’s financial life forever. Therefore, he lost all his money and fell on hard times.

Today, Roberts lives very modestly and claims that his biggest mistake was trusting people too easily and spending on superficiality.