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A man is shot with an arrow and dies on the day of his son's birth

A man is shot with an arrow and dies on the day of his son’s birth

A Peruvian man celebrating the birth of his son died after being shot by a neighbor in Genoa, Italy. The motive for the crime was the noise made by the victim. The case took place on Wednesday (2).

Javier Romero Miranda, 41, went out with his friends on Tuesday (1) to celebrate the birth of his son, in addition to watching the Liverpool-Napoli match in the Champions League. Confusion ensued as they returned home and were intercepted by Evaristo Scalco, 63.

Eyewitnesses claim that the old man uttered racial insults to the victim. Evaristo said in a police statement that he saw the group from the window and noticed people urinating. “I shouted at them, but they ignored me. I took the bow and shot, but I didn’t want to kill anyone.”

Although he claims that he had no intention of killing Javier, the old man hit the victim in the torso with a steel arrow, usually used to kill a wild boar. After the elderly man was arrested, the police found 60 arrows and three bows in Evaristo’s home.

Construction worker Javier was taken to hospital with a perforated liver, but died hours later during surgery. He lived in Italy for about 20 years.

A video with sensitive images shows the moment Javier is talking on the phone crying and holding the arrow. “What the hell have you done to me? Oh my God,” the victim said. Noting the confusion, another neighbor went down the street and asked: “What happened?”. Javier replied, “Shoot me an arrow.”

Evaristo has been arrested and will be charged with manslaughter.

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