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A man has been diagnosed with the world’s first “scrotal hissing”

Photo: Reproduction / American Journal of Case Reports

A 72-year-old man sought a hospital in Ohio, US, after hearing some kind of wheezing coming from his testicles. Hence, he was diagnosed as the world’s first case of “scrotal hissing”. The condition occurred about two years ago, but was only detected recently, after the patient was fully treated. The man’s name has not been revealed in order to preserve his image, but the story is somewhat strange. information from Science Journal.

The patient arrived at a hospital in Ohio, complaining of hearing wheezing coming from his testicles. In addition, his face was swollen and tight in his chest.

After conducting some tests, the doctors found that his life was in danger. This swelling and tightness in the chest was caused by a pneumothorax (when air leaks from the lungs and becomes trapped in the rib cage). From the results of the tests, it was also possible to note that this air leaking from the collapsed lungs had caused subcutaneous emphysema, a condition in which air is trapped under the skin or tissues.

In the image below the amount of air trapped under the patient’s skin can be seen, especially in the abdominal area. Air is represented in black in this CT image of the patient.

Photo: Reproduction / American Journal of Case Reports

The CT scan shows the large amount of air in this area, especially in the scrotum. This type of condition is called pneumoscrotum and is, by itself, very rare, with only 60 cases recorded in the world.

But what’s really unique so far is the fact that this is a “whistling sack”.

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During the examinations, the doctors discovered that the patient had undergone surgery 5 months ago and that he still had an open wound on the left side of the scrotum. Through this wound the air found its way out.

The man underwent two air removal interventions and is now fully recovered. Elimination of excess air in this area of ​​the perineum continued for two years, and the case was not made public until after the completion of treatment.

Read the full article on this rare condition at https://amjcaserep.com/abstract/index/idArt/936441.

information from Science Journal.