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A journalist slaps a politician during the program

A journalist slaps a politician during the program

During the live broadcast of Savik Schuster’s “Freedom of Expression” program last Friday, the 18th, a pro-Russian Ukrainian MP from the Opposition Party for Life said, Nestor Schoufrich and the journalist Yuri Butusov Slaps exchange. This is one of the most popular political programs in Ukraine.

The attack came after Shuvrich refused to convict Vladimir Putin when he was asked if the politician could be considered a “murderer and criminal”. “Let the Ukrainian authorities handle the matter,” the politician responded, saying he would never call Putin a “murderer” because he “may one day have to negotiate with him.”

Deputy Nestor Shovrich, seconds before he was slapped by Yuri Potosov

Photo: Reproduction/Youtube/Estadão

Former President Poroshenko joked about the response, saying: “There is a Russian agent here in the studio.” At that time, Yuri Putusov stood up and hit him in the face, kicking him out of the chair.

Although other talk show guests such as former Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, former President Petro Poroshenko and former Security Council chief Oleksandr Daniluk tried unsuccessfully to separate them, the fight did not last more than a minute.

The duo was eventually removed from the studio and returned shortly after with facial injuries. Shofrich even insulted the journalist on the way home. “It is sad that at this time, at such a difficult time, our people, all the people who protect our country, are forced to listen to the embarrassing rhetoric of traitors,” Yuri said.

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