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"A great player with a great training"

“A great player with a great training”

Eden Hazard has suffered from criticism in recent seasons since his arrival at Real Madrid, due to his injuries and longer vacation time than he had on the field. The last person to talk about the Belgian was Jose Mourinho.

Your coach during a period in ChelseaMourinho praised the personality of Merengo’s seventh shirt, but revealed his coaching style, in an interview with. TalkSport.

“At the end of the day, Hazard is a great guy, a great family man, he doesn’t seem to belong to this generation of players, he is very calm and totally focused on family, children, parents, very calm. But he goes to the field every morning and… no He works hard. When he goes to the field, you don’t see the reflection of a week’s work, you only see the reflection of his talent, if he’s a great professional…”, he said.

“When I went to Real Madrid, I thought: ‘Wow, this guy is going to the biggest club in the world and he will feel tremendous pressure to always be at the top, this boy is going to win the Ballon d’Or because he is amazing. But in terms of physical condition, pace and condition, he will be a much better player ( If he trains well.) What you see is exactly the talent that got Eden where he is. He’s got more injuries at Real Madrid than all the time he’s been with me at Chelsea. He had one, but it didn’t matter. But at Madrid, he got into this. The negative dynamic with injuries and perhaps that affected him.”

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Mourinho, however, still highlights the opportunity, during Eurocop, shirt 10 of Belgium You will have to show more of your football.

“Now he’s back in Belgium, on a big stage. He has a good relationship with Roberto Martinez, but now he’s a substitute. He’ll be ready to play the field and buy time, so I think Belgium will finish the Euro with Hazard as a start and maybe ahead of the game.”