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A giant hole that scares, but reveals breathtaking beauty!

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From time to time, the world surprises us with some amazing natural attractions. One of these is Bull Well, a giant hole in the middle of the ocean on the already stunning American West Coast. Although it scares anyone who sees it at first sight, there is nothing menacing or deadly about it.

Given the size of the well, there are undoubtedly mythological explanations regarding the origin. After all, only supernatural creatures would justify the existence of a six-meter-deep hole that seemed to suck all the water from the sea.

Therefore, Thor Well has become a strong tourist attraction in the region in the Pacific Ocean. Want to know more about him?

What is a well ox?

“Thor’s Well”, also known as Garganta de Öxará, is a tourist attraction located on the American West Coast, more precisely, in the state of Oregon. It actually consists of a waterfall that falls directly into the volcanic cave. As a result, a person sees a unique and impressive sight.

The name comes from Norse mythology, according to which the thunder god Thor supposedly threw his hammer at this place. Thus, the waterfall was born. However, geologically speaking, the crater is actually the upper entrance to the cave.

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Where is the other entrance? On the other side towards the sea. Therefore, when the tide is lower, the waves come out from the inside out. Thus, we get the impression of Thor’s well swallowing up the ocean.

This even explains their formation. According to geological studies, the roof of this cave collapsed due to the impact of water. With that, there was an avalanche that led to the hole, both at the top and bottom of the cave.

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Hence, when the tide rises, the waves approach, the same thing happens when storms occur on the high seas. The hole fills with water and “spits” the water onto the rocks around it.

What impresses you most about Thor’s Well?

Whatever its origin, mythical or not, what is really impressive is the change of appearance according to the movement of the tides. Besides its size, of course. Just to be clear, the hole sometimes looks completely filled with sea foam.

On the other hand, when the tide changes, Thor’s Well is completely empty. Your look is sure to get even more intimidating.

Tips for visiting

Even if there is nothing scary about Well Thor, there are definitely precautions to take while visiting. Especially giant waves that can suddenly hit an unaware person.

And how to visit Well Thor? First, head to Cabo Perpetua, at the end of Highway 101. There is a parking lot down the road where you can even see the crater, but to get there you have to follow a path.

Not to worry, the trail is short and well paved, as well as completely safe. Along the walk, you can see views of both Thor’s Well and a small cave called Huh Cook.

In total, there is about 480m round trip. When approaching the well, you have to go through some rocks and sand, which makes the ground slippery. Therefore, be sure to wear waterproof shoes to avoid falls.

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Finally, what is the best time to visit Bir Thawr?? Although the scenery is best an hour before high tide or just after winter storms, avoid periods of bad weather.

Therefore, watch the marine traffic and choose a day when the sea is calmer, as well as high tide. This way you avoid risks and therefore unnecessary accidents.

So, do you know Thor well? Impressive how nature surprises us with its beauty, isn’t it? If you want to learn more about the US mainland, check out the largest artificial beach in the world.

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