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A former soldier arrives on a plane in the UK with dogs and cats taken from Afghanistan

A former soldier arrives on a plane in the UK with dogs and cats taken from Afghanistan

On the 29th, Ben Farting, a former Navy soldier and founder of a UK-based and voluntary charity based in Afghanistan, reported on the mix on his Twitter profile. ‘Confused emotions’ you felt In evacuating his shelter from the troubled country.

As if his relentless fight for animal rights in a country plagued by crises was not enough, even his group was prevented from climbing.

The man, along with other volunteers, created Operation Ark, They rented a plane to take the dogs and cats, as well as the staff and their families who took them to London for refuge.

As stated in it DefenderThe attitude of the former Navy provoked a mixed reaction in the United Kingdom, where a section of the population supported him, while Special Adviser to the Secretary of Defense Peter Quentin tried to stop the plane.

As the population supported him, visas were issued to his 24 employees and their dependents Refused to leave the country without the animals.

After several battles, on Friday the Ministry of Defense (MoD) announced that the former Navy and his animals were at the Kabul airport and that permission for the charter flight had been granted by the UK government.

For some unknown reason, the staff prevented the climb.

The plane had 90 to 100 dogs and 60 to 70 cats. All were medically evaluated and moved to isolated nests. Ben said, “As you can imagine, There is no shortage of homes for these animals“.

The last British plane took off from Afghanistan on Saturday, ending Britain’s 20-year military involvement.

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