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A fisherman sees a “stump” floating in the sea, looks closely and is shocked to discover a huge surprise;  Watch!

A fisherman sees a “stump” floating in the sea, looks closely and is shocked to discover a huge surprise; Watch!

The Loch Ness Monster, is that you? On Thursday (3), a fisherman had a somewhat unusual experience when he was on Farnborough Beach in Queensland, in Australia. Dave Devine thought he had just seen a ‘stump’ floating in the water… What he didn’t know was that the stump was a huge surprise: nothing but crocodile enormous!

The Australian recorded the scene in an amazing video, which he posted on his Facebook, and that He went around the world. After the episode, he provided details of what happened in an interview with 7News. “I thought, this is strange.” I could take a closer look and saw it was a crocodile.”, He said.

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In the fisherman’s record, the alligator dives a few meters from the coast of the tourist beach. At some point, when the water recedes, you can see it showing its head and tail to the sea – revealing its enormous size. “It was amazing to be able to see a crocodile in the wild. It’s the first time I’ve seen one of these here”said Devin, who said he has been fishing at the site for more than 10 years. For this ‘fish’, he really wasn’t expecting… God defends my pasture! hahahahaha

Watch the video below:

But the surprise was not only for the hunter, no … According to the New Daily, the estimate of the local environment ministry is that the animal is between 3.5 and 4 meters. “It’s the biggest we’ve seen here on the coast in a while.”said Frank Mills, who runs some of the agency’s wildlife operations. However, he emphasized: “But this is not an unusual size for a crocodile.”. Imagine an unusual size then?!

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The government agency also warned citizens not to try to approach or interact with the animal, if they find it. “This is a very large and potentially very dangerous crocodile.”Mills said. “We encourage everyone on the Capricorn Coast to watch out and if you see an alligator, report it, but most of all, don’t approach or interact with it.”He asked on behalf of the Environmental Department.

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The length of the recorded crocodile ranges between 3.5 and 4 meters. my Lord! Therefore, the Australian authorities stressed the importance of reporting the animal’s presence at sea. (Photo: clone/facebook)

The crocodile in question is believed to travel across the sea, passing through several cities, towards the Fitzroy River. He takes his leave! Kkkk In conclusion, we are left with this mental reminder: Never underestimate the prowess of Australia…