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A film made in Pixada Fluminense was selected at a festival in the United Kingdom

Baixada Fluminense proves, every day, its ability to launch names into Brazilian cinema. This time the work of director and screenwriter João Vitor Pires was recognized by having his short film “À Sombra do Mar” selected for the Queer East Midlands Film Festival at Loughborough University in the United Kingdom.

Born and raised in Mezquita, Jono tells the story of human rights activist Prof. Josimar, who is infected with the HIV virus and must rediscover his strength and identity ever since. With a theme still stigmatized by society, Jono released the short film in November 2022 and made its debut at international festivals. The entire cast and professionals involved in the production come from Baixada Fluminense, which reinforces the power of the residents of the territory.

Understand the term queer

Born in the United States, the term had a pejorative connotation for homosexuals and transsexuals. Using the word, the LGBTQIAP+ community rediscovered the meaning and started using it with pride and ownership. Queers are people who do not fit their assigned gender at birth or transition between genders. It is also an understanding that femininity and masculinity are socially constructed identities.

“In the Shadow of the Sea”
Duration: 20 min
Rating: +16

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