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A Fazenda 2022 poll indicates the humiliation of participants;  Partial viewing · TV news

A Fazenda 2022 poll indicates the humiliation of participants; Partial viewing · TV news

Pétala Barreiros has a humiliating refusal in the row over who will stay farm 14 In the sixth Roca of the season. While the businesswoman appears as the least known by the public, Vinicius Patel is the favorite to be on Thursday’s Record Show (26). Barbara Borges and Pele Melflos are also in the spotlight.

in poll the newsWhich has received more than 44,000 votes as of the last update of this text, Petala appears with just 9.74% of the general approval in a technical tie with Pele who has 10.03%. The darling is Vinnie with 48.70% of the vote. His successor comes Barbara, who adds up to 31.54% of reality fan support.

In the UOL poll, which states that the preferred participant wins the farmer’s test, the actress has a lead of 38.42%. Milflows has 33.16% of the favourite, while Pétala is the least liked, with 28.42% of the vote. The poll got more than 6000 votes.

The former A Casa does not appear as an option to vote because the farmer’s hat dispute, which will take place on Wednesday (26), has been dismissed. The field will be formed between him and the losers of the race. The name of the participant who has been eliminated by Adriane Galisteu on the live show will be announced on Thursday.


Who would you like to stay at A Fazenda 14 on 6 Roça?

How was the rock formed?

rock season 6 It was formed on the evening of Tuesday (25). Lucas Santos, Farmer of the Week, pointed to Barbara in the hot seat. After that, Vini was the most voted by Headquarters with seven nominations. Petal, in turn, fell into the danger zone through the green power, provided by Kerline Cardoso. Pele took the fourth seat with only one left and objected to Vini da Prova do Fazendeiro.

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