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Bia Miranda e Pétala Barreiros

A Fazenda 14: The Web Demands Bea Miranda Be Fired. video!

To heat things up in the final installment of “A Fazenda,” nothing is better than another row. At dawn on November 25, an alleged assault case occurred between Bea Miranda And the Petal Barrios.

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The two were on the balcony of the residence, and they ended up with a prank, as Petala scared her, and Pia retaliated by slapping her friend, and ended up leaving netizens who follow reality indignant and asking for expulsion, remembering the like. Other editions, such as the case of Fazenda 4 when Duda Yankovic hit me Thiago Gagliassoor Katya Paganot hit on Evandro Santoboth of them in pool activity.

He was also remembered when Hany Pay Paulaon BBB19, and was evicted in the programme’s final week.

FifthWatch the video:

In the comments, the reality fans made a fuss and soon began pushing the expulsion order. Uma recalled the Cheyenne case and stated that he had a subjective reaction and did not attack Thiago Ramos. Another justified that it should be fair and expelled, although she felt it could be a joke.


Adriane Galisteu’s speeches on the fields of “A Fazenda 14” always leave some hint to the leaders. Moments ago Kerlin Cardoso is officially leaving reality, was no different. However, this time, Moranguinho seems to have gotten the message, creating an atmosphere among her A-group friends.

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Once the dancer returns home, Deolane, Bia and Pétala gather on the sofa to find out how the farm went, and especially the presenter’s speech before announcing the elimination. They didn’t expect what would happen.

In her words, Galisto hinted that perhaps her playmates wouldn’t defend her in the same way she would defend them. Thus, instead of loyalty, in some battles he will receive the opposite.

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While her friends were paying attention, Strawberry Shortcake started counting. Still breathing hard after the berlinda, she spoke little by little. However, he finally saved the drama and only talked about the good part:

“I don’t remember the exact words. She said I was very loyal to me, even if it meant sacrificing someone from my group. What she said was beautiful. And that I stand up for the things I believe in and feel.”

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After Deolane, Bia, and Pétala ask for more information, the complicated part of the letter arrives. Vigilance, friends did not hear any kind words. Indeed, there was an atmosphere for a few seconds before the conversation continued. Strawberry recalled some phrases from the presenter:

She said she had something very important. I’m fighting, I’m loyal to me, but I needed to know if you were loyal to me too, because I also needed care. Like “I fought everyone, but will they fight for you?”

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The atmosphere in the house was tense. a look:

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