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A consulting firm says 800 millionaires must leave Brazil in 2024

A consulting firm says 800 millionaires must leave Brazil in 2024

Henley & Partners forecasts that Brazil will be the sixth country to experience the largest migration of this population; USA and Portugal are the main destinations

About 800 millionaires are expected to leave Brazil permanently in 2024. According to the Residency and Citizenship by Investment consultancy Henley & CompanyThis figure makes the country the sixth largest number of departures in the year.

These millionaires (individuals with a net worth of more than $1 million) seek a better lifestyle, safer environments, and access to better quality healthcare and educational services. According to the consulting company, the United States and Portugal are the most popular destinations for this group.

the report “Global Migration of Private Wealth” Indicates, “Despite the recent change of government and increased economic growth, Brazil is still losing a large number of millionaires to immigration.”. Results are available at location From Henley & Company.

Hey classification Led by China Which is expected to lose 15,200 millionaires this year. This is followed by the United Kingdom (9,500) and India (4,300). The countries that will receive the largest number of these people are the United Arab Emirates (6,700), the United States (3,800) and Singapore (3,500).

In total, 128,000 millionaires are expected to leave their countries in 2024. The trend for 2025 is upward, with a total of 135,000.

Below is a ranking of the countries with the largest inflows and outflows of millionaires:

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