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A construction company presents a "new" plaza project to board members

A construction company presents a “new” plaza project to board members

WTorre presented to the advisory board of saints Financial adjustment of the stadium project where Villa Belmiro is now located. This was the first show, based on finances, for others to follow soon. CEO Claudio Macedo led the explanations.

Show WTorre Business Financial Study. With the increase in prices due to COVID-19, the construction company needed to make changes to make the project viable and attract investors. The estimated amount requested is R$400 million. The seed funding will occur through the sale of premium cabins and chairs. Capacity continues to accommodate 30,000 fans, with 500 parking spaces.

The consultants were enthusiastic about the presentation and should form a committee to monitor the development of the project with the management committee. The idea is for people from Santos with engineering experience to be part of this group.

In the initial project, the investment will be about 250 million R$ for a capacity of 30 thousand people. With the epidemic and the increase in inputs, values ​​and sectors need to be reconsidered.

“With an epidemic and an increase in cement and steel, the first proposal did not close the account. There was no investor willing to put money into the project with interest rates and everything else came as a result of the increases. Then WTorre detailed the president Andres Rueda told UOL Esporteat the beginning of the month.

If the final draft is approved by the members of the council, the associates will be called to a vote. In a new “yes” state, it will start working. Construction is expected to take two years.

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