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A Chinese activist flees to South Korea on a motorbike.  Made 300 km

A Chinese activist flees to South Korea on a motorbike. Made 300 km

uAn alleged Chinese human rights activist was arrested Wednesday in South Korea after fleeing some 300 kilometers on a motorbike, the BBC reported.

According to this newspaper, he is Kwon Byung, 35, a well-known critic of President Xi Jinping, who even called him “Schiller”, a clear reference to Hitler.

The man will have traveled about 300 kilometers, in the Yellow Sea, always on a jet ski, and reached South Korea with the help of binoculars and a compass, as well as five barrels of fuel. However, after he was discovered by the country’s coast guard, he was arrested.

The Chinese embassy in Seoul declined to comment.

Kwon Byung is not the first defector to try to flee China. However, he may have been the protagonist of one of the most dangerous escapes in recent times, as the sea to South Korea is very rough.

He had previously been arrested in China for publicly criticizing President Xi Jinping.

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