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A Brazilian woman is angry on the Internet after selling clothes that were to be donated

“Cara de pau,” “greedy” and “clueless” were some of the terms used to describe the Brazilian, who lives in Portugal and claimed he buys donated clothes for resale at an online thrift store. In a video circulating on the networks, but which is no longer on the TikTok profile of Elisa Viegas, the influencer explains that there are “hidden” houses in Portuguese neighborhoods, where it is possible to choose clothes. Only locals know these sites.

“You just have to go in and get it, but like I said, not everyone knows it. So, I’m teaching you this trick,” the young woman tells in the video. In the photos, she recorded herself leaving the venue with many bags along with dozens of clothes.

There are many coats in her collection and Elisa brags about finding a free Italian Valentino scarf. After that, you go to a public laundromat to wash everything.

“And then we took some pictures to sell things at Vintage and to be able to make some money there in Portugal,” the young woman concludes in the video.

After the video was posted on the profile of journalist Flavio Costa, there were dozens of netizens who criticized the influencer’s action. Check the log:

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