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A book that tells the story of researchers to inspire future scientists - GAZ - News from Santa Cruz do Sul and the region

A book that tells the story of researchers to inspire future scientists – GAZ – News from Santa Cruz do Sul and the region

“In northeastern Brazil, a very brave scientist still lives to this day.” Thus begins the story of the life and scientific contributions of researcher Alzira Maria Paiva de Almeida. the book Stories to inspire future scientists (Free Editions/Oswaldo Cruz Foundation), released this month, tells the path of a Pernambuco citizen in controlling the bubonic plague in Exo, Pernambuco. In addition to Alzira, 12 other researchers appeared in the publication.

Written by Juliana Krapp and Mel Bonfim, the work is available for free on the Porto Liver platform and on the Arca repository. We wrote this book to contribute to a larger initiative called More girls and women in scienceThe production was presented during National Science and Technology Week, Mel Bonfim said at the virtual launch event.

As the name of the book states, the idea is to inspire children and teens. “We had the opportunity to learn more about the stories of women who built amazing research and life projects. They are different researchers, but they have at least one thing in common: they have dedicated their lives to science, to making discoveries, discovering vaccines and developing new fields, but they have also struggled to make Brazil a less unequal country, a better place to live for everyone,” Giuliana noted, during a virtual launch .

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In addition to Alzira, the book features Bertha Lutz, from São Paulo, who described more than 80 species of amphibians. From Rio de Janeiro comes researcher Christina Morris, who has developed better and cheaper tests to detect the presence of pesticides in food. It was Miriam Tendler, who led a group on the Vuecruz campus, who developed the first Brazilian schistosomiasis vaccine. These are just a few examples of respected names. The work chronicles the professions of scholars, sparks curiosity and contains illustrations by Flavia Borges.

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NS Stories to inspire future scientists He received funds from the Fiocruz project for 120 years and received advice from Editora Rebuliço. The book was authored from a partnership between the Institute for Communication and Information in Health (Icict) and the Vice Presidency for Education, Information and Communications (VPEIC), both from Fiocruz.

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