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A 7-meter-high snake swallows a woman alive in Indonesia

A 7-meter-high snake swallows a woman alive in Indonesia

A rescue team searching for a 54-year-old woman in Indonesia was surprised to find a snake about 7 meters long with a distended abdomen. Then the shock came: the people who helped in the search shot the animal, and when they opened its stomach, they discovered that the snake had swallowed the woman.

The creeper was in a forest in the area in Jambi province. Over the course of two days, the authorities and residents roamed the area in search of Jahra, who was working in the forest collecting rubber.

According to the Daily Star, Anto is the head of the village terjun GajahAnd the where Jahra Living, she said the family was worried she wouldn’t come home last Friday (21). “They reported his disappearance to the local authorities, and the search has been ongoing since then,” she added.

According to the village leader, none of the Jahra villagers witnessed the animal devouring, but Anto said it was likely that the woman had been in pain for two hours, given the snake’s size.

The newspaper reported that the residents of the area are concerned about the possibility of other large snakes carrying out new attacks. There is a report of another snake that was seen over 8 meters long, as well as two goats that have already eaten reptiles in the region.

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