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6 Tools You Still Don't Use That You Need to Know

6 Tools You Still Don’t Use That You Need to Know

a Google Drive It has definitely revolutionized the way people store images, text, and various media formats. Professionally, it has basic functions, because it also prioritizes the organization of folders. Sharing allows multiple people to edit the same document, which speeds up tasks.

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Integration with Office applications ensures that you have everything you need on one platform. In addition, there are extensions that enhance their efficiency, but they have not become popular. Between scanning and using offline browsing, there are many possibilities, both in the web version and in apps that can be installed for free.

6 Amazing Google Drive Features That Improve Users Experience

Scan documents

Click on the “+” sign in the bottom right corner and click on “Scan” to open the tool and pass whatever you want to the folder.

Save web content
Install the extension compatible with Chrome browser Save to Google Drive And when you need it, you’ll have the option to save a link in the cloud, which prevents your bookmark tab from getting cluttered.

Extract text from images and PDFs

Import the file in the format you want to your computer or mobile phone, right-click on the folder, and select the “Open with Google Docs” option.

Use advanced search

Type the document you want to find and click the menu icon in the right corner. When you open a tab, several search filters will be available that can be selected.

Access files offline

On the top tab, click on “Settings”, which is represented by a gear, then select “Offline”. This way you will be able to edit your files and even save them for later.

Enter color in folders

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Using colors in folders helps with organization, so just open the drive and right-click on a folder, hovering over Change Color.