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6 reasons that can kick you out of WhatsApp!

6 reasons that can kick you out of WhatsApp!

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Find out what causes it ban your whatsapp account And stay within the rules to stay connected.

Therefore, if you do not want to be surprised with your WhatsApp account, it is necessary to know the rules.

6 reasons that can prevent you from using WhatsApp

Unofficial versions

One of the most popular reasons for banning your account is using modified versions of WhatsApp such as GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus.

Not only do these third-party apps violate the Terms of Use, but they may also compromise your account security. So stay away from these alternative versions and stay safe.

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Collect data from others

WhatsApp expressly prohibits the collection of personal data, whether on a small or large scale, through manual or automated tools.

Regardless of the purpose, collecting information such as phone numbers or profile pictures is a direct violation of the Terms of Use. In other words, respect the privacy of others.

Unsolicited call

Adding contacts to groups without prior permission is a common reason for being banned. If someone reports this action, the penalty will be implemented. More so if the added contact is not saved in your list.

Share contacts without to delegate It is also a practice that WhatsApp rebukes. Therefore, always ask for permission before adding someone to the group.

The dark side of spam

Spamming multiple contacts is a practice that can definitely get your account banned. If you like sending dozens of messages to multiple people, beware. Your account may be reported and banned later.

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Even using a broadcast list can be harmful if used improperly. So use the app responsibly and avoid sending excessive messages.

Wrong and harmful information

WhatsApp has taken steps to combat the spread of fake news. Frequently passing wrong information may lead to your account being banned. Before sharing any information, verify that it is correct and avoid posting misleading content.

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Breaking the law

WhatsApp strongly rejects illegal practices within the app. This includes copyright infringement, impersonation, threats, harassment and any action that violates Brazilian law. Be aware of the laws and use WhatsApp ethically and legally.

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