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6 places in the SPD for tech and science lovers

If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably as tech savvy as I am, or want to start exploring this universe through sensory experiences. And there’s nothing better than discovering new places within our city, right?

For those of you who are from São Paulo, already set up print or separate pen and paper to jot down tips on great places to follow, (if not, already take a note of the next destination). It has tracks to have fun alone, create shows with couples or have fun with the whole family!

Aerospace Technologies and the Arts – CISC

A space for techniques and the arts at Sesc 24 de Maio, in São Paulo

Photo: Roberto Asim

One place I particularly like is Technology and Arts Spaces From Sesc units in Greater São Paulo.

There, it is possible to participate in exhibitions, workshops, presentations and lectures, among other activities that encourage public contact with virtual reality environments, robotics, 3D printers and much more.

The site aims to stimulate creativity in the arts through technology.

To stay up to date with what’s happening, just check out the full schedule and available modules at Sesc website.

CienTec Park – USP

Parque CienTec - USP - Astronomical Observations - Telescope - Reproduction / www.parquecientec.usp.br - Reproduction / www.parquecientec.usp.br

A visit to the Zeiss Telescope, built in the 2000s, is one of the attractions of Parque Cintique.

Photo: reproduction / www.parquecientec.usp.br

The scientific heritage of the University of São Paulo, the University of the South Pacific Science and Technology Complex – CienTec fosters the union between culture, society, science and technology.

The space is opposite the São Paulo Zoo, in Agua Fonda, and has trails in the jungle, an observatory to explore the sky, experiments in the fields of physics, geology and microbiology, as well as sessions in the planetarium. Free.

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Want to visit or go with guys? See schedule, times and details to visit at CienTec موقع website.

Invention Museum – land of invention

Museum of Inventions - Inventolândia - reproduction / www.museudasinvencoes.com.br - reproduction / www.museudasinvencoes.com.br

The museum houses a collection of more than 300 inventions

Photo: reproduction / www.museudasinvencoes.com.br

A complete program for children and adults, Invention Museum It is the only one of its kind in Latin America and has a collection of more than 300 inventions in different categories, such as games, Songand civil construction, cars and even crazy creations by Kenji Kawakami,. It is all characterized by innovation and creativity.

I only went once, but loved the experience so much that I intend to return often. If you want to visit for the first time or, like me, you already know the place and want to come back, take a look at Invention Museum website Find out the days, times and ticket prices.

Sabina – Knowledge Park School

Sabina - Knowledge Park School - Sabina Knowledge Park School / CC - Sabina Knowledge Park School / CC

Replica of dinosaurs in one of the rooms at Sabina – Escola Parque do Conhecimento

Photo: Sabina Escola Parque do Conhecimento / Creative Commons

Since 2007, the school, located in Santo André, has been operating at ABC Paulista, Sabine It is intended to be an extension of the school environment. Covering an area of ​​8000 square metres, it has a large variety of attractions for children of all ages.

It contains a penguin, a simulation of natural phenomena, a giant doll, a life-size Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton and other things that will make the little ones happy.

Visit details, such as tickets and schedules, can be found on the website Sabina’s website.

Weathervane Museum

Museu Catavento - Installations - UOL montage with reproduction / museucatavento.org.br - UOL montage with reproduction / museucatavento.org.br

Some of the attractions in each of the four facilities at Museu Catavento

Photo: UOL montage with reproduction / museucatavento.org.br

Nothing is better than learning while having fun, right? This is the purpose of Weathervane Museum.

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Built in 1924, this place housed City Hall until 2004. Today it is an interactive museum divided into four installations: Life, Universe, Engenho and Sociedade. In each environment, the visitor can interact with the subject in question via electronic games, Movies In 3D or galleries.

And to pique your curiosity even more, the museum has A virtual gallery you can access here. did you love her? Let’s go to the museum? Exhibitions, schedules, tickets, how to get there and more details can be found at Catavento Museum website.

Microbiology Museum

Museum of Microbiology - clone / butantan.gov.br/atracoes/museu-de-microbiologia - clone / butantan.gov.br/atracoes/museu-de-microbiologia

Opened in 2002, the Microbiology Museum aims to stimulate scientific curiosity in young people

Photo: reproduction / butantan.gov.br / atracoes / museu-de-microbiologia

For those who are curious to know more about the invisible world of microorganisms, the Microbiology Museum It’s the perfect place.

Its mission is to stimulate scientific curiosity and bring science closer to the general public. For this purpose the museum has an exhibition that presents an interactive journey through films, animations, activities, microscopes and 3D models of bacteria, viruses and protozoa, as well as a fun moment aimed at children. In other words, a timeline for not excluding anyone.

benefit? See here in Microbiology Museum website For more details like opening hours, tickets and address.