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6 benefits of laurel leaves for the body that you will not believe

6 benefits of laurel leaves for the body that you will not believe

dried or ground, it is an aromatic leaf widely used in cooking And in preparing tea. In addition to providing flavor, many benefits to the body are associated with consuming bay leaves in other dishes and preparations. Find out what they can make the most of what they can offer.

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Originally from the laurel tree, it is scientifically known as Laurus nobilis lauraceae. We are talking about a tree from the Mediterranean region that can reach ten meters in height. Its use is usually associated with tea and preparations in the kitchen, but it is common that it hides some of the benefits of the leaf which, in addition to having an unmistakably sweet aroma, also acts as a pressure regulator.

Here are the features that you may be missing.

Bay leaf is a source of vitamins and antioxidants.

Vitamins A and C, minerals and antioxidants are just some of its properties. Potassium and selenium are the main minerals in the leaf, which are excellent for strengthening immunity and helping to improve eyesight.

Analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties

The eugenol in the leaf acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, so its consumption relieves inflammation in the body. Analgesic properties, in turn, reduce headaches and joint pain.

Contributes to digestion

Bay leaves stimulate the production of digestive enzymes and help the liver absorb nutrients by producing bile, an important fluid in the digestive process.

Regulates the flow of the menstrual cycle

It also helps in regulating the flow of the menstrual cycle by having substances that act directly on the uterus, stimulating the secretion of menstruation, which favors the regulation of the cycle. For women who have difficulty with menstruation or menopause, tea leaves are beneficial.

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Acts as a natural diuretic

It is an ally for losing weight by combating fluid retention that acts as a natural diuretic. Reducing swelling and stimulating the urinary system also reduces the consequences of an inflamed body.

Relieves symptoms of stress and anxiety

Because it has soothing properties, especially linalool, bay leaf is a great helper in combating symptoms Stress and anxiety. Linalool provides relaxation of the mind without causing drowsiness. These are important items, especially for those who have a deadline for delivering projects and works.


In addition to beans, bay leaves can be used in meat, pasta and other dishes. Add more flavor to your meals with it. Soups, pasta sauces, and meats will get another flavor with it.