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6 amazing, but inaccessible places for tourists

6 amazing, but inaccessible places for tourists

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Have you ever dreamed of meeting the whole world? Unfortunately, some places are so inaccessible that even the most experienced traveler cannot reach them.

From extreme weather conditions to dangerous wildlife to even government bans, there are plenty of places around the planet that you likely would never make it on your bucket list.

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Heard Island (Australia)

It is a true geological wonder at the most remote point in the world. Its temperature is below zero all year round and the active volcano which extends 2750 meters above sea level.

However, these are just some of the outstanding features of this destination. Although it belongs to Australia, the island is more than 4,000 km away from the country, near Antarctica.

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Area 51 (United States)

If there is a place where security is taken seriously, it is Area 51 in the United States. Entry without permission is simply impossible.

That is why the secret military installation there is so fascinating and interesting. In addition, this is a world famous place due to the UFO sightings near the site.

And we can’t forget the famous Roswell case in 1947, in which many believed that extraterrestrial crew members were taken to Area 51.

The consequences of an attempted invasion can be fatal – the US government does not hesitate to use weapons to protect its most closely guarded secrets.

Uluru (Australia)

Uluru is a sacred and mystical rock formation that the Anangu people call home. Located in the heart of Australia, Uluru stands out among the vast desert that has a circumference of more than 9 kilometers.

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Its unique ability to change color, becoming redder depending on solar position, is described as a sight not to be missed.

The site is a World Heritage Site and features springs, caves, cave paintings, and archaeological finds dating back more than 10,000 years.

Global Vault (Norway)

The Svalbard Global Vault in Norway is more than just a storage place for seeds.

It is an underground shelter built by the Norwegian government in order to preserve life on Earth.

With the capacity to store 4.5 million seeds from various plants, this construct located some 1,300 kilometers from the North Pole is impenetrable to the curious, with only the staff able to access the large door in the middle of the snow.

Nusa Penida (Indonesia)

Have you heard about Nusa Penida, one of the most unusual islands in Indonesia? There is an authentic Balinese culture. However, for safety reasons, three beaches in Nusa Penida have recently banned diving.

Unfortunately, two European tourists and a Malaysian lady lost their lives at Diamond Beach in a tragic drowning during the summer.

In order to avoid possible similar incidents, Kelingking and Angel’s Billabong also no longer allow swimming.

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Snake Island (Brazil)

Have you heard of Ilha da Queimada Grande? Also known as Ilha das Cobras, this place has the highest natural population of snakes on the planet.

Studies claim that there is a snake for every 5 square meters of area, which means that more than 2,000 snakes live in just 430,000 square meters of the Brazilian island!

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Ilha das Cobras is considered an “Area of ​​Relevant Environmental Interest” and is therefore protected by law.

Access to the island is restricted to researchers from the Chico Mendez Institute for Biodiversity Conservation.

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