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5xx Server Error: Understanding the Error That Shut Down WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram |  Downloads

5xx Server Error: Understanding the Error That Shut Down WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram | Downloads

There is instability in WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram This Monday (4). The issue that the platforms are seeing is not officially clarified yet, but users trying to access it are experiencing a “5XX Server Error” on the platforms. The code gives clues as to what is happening. Understand, in a simplified way, what the issue affecting apps and social networks on Monday means.

Facebook shows instability due to 5XX server error – Photo: Beatriz Cardoso / TechTudo

What is 5XX Server Error?

The warning “5XX Server Error” simply means that the problem is caused by the failure of the service’s servers. Practically speaking, the error occurs when the server – i.e. the central computer – is unable to complete the user’s request, and therefore cannot display the requested information. In case The WhatsApp, stop sending messages, while Facebook social networking site NS Instagram Stop showing posts and photos.

5XX, also called “Error 500”, tends to appear many times in everyday life, when websites have problems, and in some cases sPoem until solved by the user. However, in case of WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram bugs, the company has not yet resolved the issue on its servers, so it is necessary to wait. “We understand that people are having a hard time accessing our apps and products. We are working to get everything back to normal as quickly as possible,” the company statement read.

It is said abroad that the collapse will be related to a bottleneck in the communications structure. The feature called DNS, which converts website addresses into IP numbers, will fail on Facebook’s systems, potentially disrupting services and potentially causing a 500 error.

Since the problem depends on a solution by the services, none of the social networks can be accessed. However, in the case of WhatsApp, this is possible Use any of the messenger competitors as an alternative To send messages to contacts while there is instability in the application.

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