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5 ways to 'disappear' from WhatsApp without having to delete the app

5 ways to ‘disappear’ from WhatsApp without having to delete the app

Despite its success in Brazil and around the world, The WhatsApp It’s still a “sin” when it comes to privacy. Hiding the online and last seen status, for example, is the dream of many users who want to access the messenger completely anonymously.

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But what few people know is that some tricks are within the scope The WhatsApp Allow the user to “disappear” from the application without having to uninstall it from the cell phone. Check out some of them below!

5 tricks to ‘disappear’ from WhatsApp and it won’t be found

Here are some tips to be invisible in the messenger:

1. Temporarily disable WhatsApp

It is not necessary to delete the mobile messenger to get away from it. One tip is to disable it temporarily. For the procedure, just access the Help tab in the app settings and go to the Contact Us option.

In the empty space, the user can report device loss. The company then deactivates the account. To reactivate it, a person has up to 30 days – during this period, data and collections are preserved.

2. Use ‘timer’ to use on WhatsApp

Another tip to stop working on messenger is to limit its use. There are app timers that help you to set the daily usage time in the app.

If the user exceeds the programmed limit, the gadget will be blocked and can only be accessed after changing the timer settings. The QualityTime App It is an example of an application that helps control and access time for messaging and other social media throughout the day.

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3. Disable “Search for Messages”

When the user disables read receipts on WhatsApp, the contacts cannot decide when to view the sent content. This feature is widely used by those who do not want to feel “pressure” to respond to someone.

The read receipt function can be activated or deactivated in the “Account” tab in the application settings. Next, go to Privacy and then Read Confirmations to turn it on or off.

4. Turn off WhatsApp notifications

This basic tip is perfect for those who pick up their cell phone every time they get a message notification. Disabling the notification of new content in the messenger can induce even the most motivated users to abandon it, so they spend less time in the application.

To do this, just go to your phone settings and tap on the “Notification” option. Next, you need to go to the messaging icon to disable the “Show notifications” option.

5. Force the app to stop working

The last tip for those who want to “disappear” from WhatsApp is to force the messaging app to stop. After the procedure is applied, the user stops receiving messages when 4G is on.

For this trick, just go to the Applications tab, in the mobile settings and look for the WhatsApp icon. Click on it and then on the “Force Stop” option. User disappearance from the messenger only takes effect if they are connected to mobile data. On Wi-Fi networks, receiving messages on the device remains the same.