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5 things science still can't explain about love

5 things science still can’t explain about love

What is the answer to the question?what is love?Although this theme appears frequently in songs, films, and books, as well as conversations and outbursts, it is curious to realize that definitions of love vary from person to person.

Of course, this is something that interests scientists of human behavior and even human physiology. Thanks to many studies conducted throughout history, we know, for example, that love changes us heart beats And he has the power to change Psychological health.

However, there are some aspects that remain unanswered, including science. Meet some of them below:

love chemistry

It is very common to see people defending the idea that love is actually a chemical reaction.

In this sense, these pheromones They are commonly cited to explain why we feel sexually attracted to some people, but the truth is that there is very little scientific evidence that humans actually have such pheromones.

What makes us like someone

There is still no judgment on the factors that make us like a particular person.

naturally physical attraction And common tastes are important points, but science has not yet fully determined the reasons for this “well, this person is .” feeling the love of my life.”

The idea that love takes everything

who – which Romantic ideal That, out of love, people can bear any work and every period is also the subject of scientific research.

There is still no consensus on this subject. However, what is known is that going through difficult situations as a couple is something that counts. commitment.

The concept of “half an orange”

The idea that each lid contains a frying pan and that People complement each other It also lacks scientific evidence.

In fact, there are many Romantic combinations Perfect for different types of people. The “perfect match” seems to be just perfectionism.

eternal love

Another topic of interest to scholars is the idea of ​​”They have lived happily ever sinceIs love, as true and beautiful, able to last a lifetime?

If one wedding Does it mean there was no love? For now, what is known is that lasting relationships depend on commitment, Effect and intimacy.

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