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5 Terrible and Annoying Situations You Shouldn’t Do During a Flight

No one likes to be seen as persona non grata on a plane or bus. More so during a leisure trip. That’s why we’ve broken down some of the most annoying and unpleasant situations you can take on a plane.

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1 – Walking barefoot is not a good idea

In general, there are many comments from passengers who criticize others’ habit of going barefoot or taking off their shoes while traveling. It’s a bad thing to do on a plane, especially if you have a little bit of foot odor. By the way, the floor of the plane is not the cleanest place, so feel free to stand on it without protection.

2 – Invading other people’s space during the flight

Another attitude that is often condemned and undesirable in travel is taking up other people’s space. This happens when you put your arms on the seat next to you, spread your legs wide or fall asleep and invade the seat of the other. Take care not to become a problem in the journey for other passengers.

3 – Consuming content without headphones

Undoubtedly, nothing is more annoying than having someone next to you or very close to you watching content without headphones. Remember that numerous videos and audios will not please others, no matter how much you like them. Always use headphones to consume digital content.

4 – Behaving rudely on the trip

Unfortunately, even today there are people who feel entitled to take offense and act rudely towards aviation professionals. This is very annoying and just goes to show how unwilling the passenger is to deal with other people, especially those who work for the airline.

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5 – Eat something stinky on the trip

Finally, another thing that bothers people is having someone next to you eat something strong or foul smelling. It could be one of the worst trips you ever take if you have this kind of bad luck.